Just What Is Cancer Anyway?

Just What Is Cancer Anyway?

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Everyone has heard the term cancer. It strikes fear in many of us simply by hearing it. We are always hearing something new – new research and new studies are telling us more and more about this awful disease. It’s hard to filter out what this disease really is, why their so many types, and what causes it.

Under normal circumstances, the human body reproduces cells at a regular rate. Sometimes through outside forces, the DNA of some cells get damage and do not die off like they are supposed to. These reproduce at an unchecked pace and the growth spreads through the body. This is the basic explanation of cancer. Its’ typically treated through radiation, chemotherapy, or by removing the infected tissues.

As the unchecked cells continue to grow at an accelerated rate, they can form benign tumors if they grow in a localized place. These tumors are not necessarily dangerous and will not harm you unless they grow out of control and in size. The basic treatment of benign cancers is just leaving it alone, or cut them out if it’s cosmetic.

If the benign tumor spreads into other regions and affects the cells in that area, then it turns into a malignant tumor. This is the fatal version. Left untreated, the cancer cells can spread throughout the body via the blood stream and infect other organs.

Treatments for malignant cancer are removing the tissue, radiation, and chemotherapy. The latter two are effective against inoperable tumors such as brain and bone marrow. Researches into new treatments are coming along every year.

Every year thousands of people donate millions of dollars to cancer research. Unfortunately, there still is real cure. The only hope is that the cancer will go into remission and the patient can live a full life. Cancer that’s in remission has great odds coming back to haunt the patient. There are some cervical cancer vaccines on the market currently. Let’s hope that more can come out. The only preventative measure is to change high risk behavior.

Hundreds of websites, such as www.canceranswers.info, offer support, information, and research. This has been a boon to survivors and those concerned with the killer disease.


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