How Will You Deal With The Onset Of Menopause?

How Will You Deal With The Onset Of Menopause?

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Dealing with menopause and it’s symptoms can be an individual thing. While there are mainstream ways to help deal with the onset of menopause symptoms sometimes it may come down to finding what works for you.

A good friend and long time business associate recently explained to me that while she had a hard time in coming to terms with the onset of menopause in her life, she dealt with it the best way she knew how. Quite simply, she found support was of no real help so when she started experiencing any one of a number of menopausal symptoms, she just cried it out. That’s what worked for her.

Menopause doesn’t have to rule your life. While nutrition and exercise is important, preparing yourself by being in the right frame of mind is almost essential. Many women dread the onset of menopause but seem to get way laid by the many myths surrounding menopause, therefore being wrongly conditioned by ill pre-conceived notions. The message should be loud and clear; menopause doesn’t have to bring unnecessary negativity into your lives.

The onset of menopause can be unpredictable. Generally, women experience menopause symptoms between the ages of 42-58 however, early menopause can come as early as a women in her twenties. But this is a rare occasion. Usually, early menopause is associated with women in their thirties. Smokers are likely to experience menopause up to two years earlier than non smokers. While it is a phase in the lives of most women it’s not yet clear why some will experience menopausal symptoms for two years while others will go through the menopausal stage, sometimes for up to ten years.

There are many treatments available to menopausal women with the most common being Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT). While this works for millions of women worldwide some choose alternative therapies such as non hormonal treatment, herbal and chinese medicine. While there are many benefits with HRT, there are still some associated risks; the most common being breast swelling or pain, vaginal bleeding and an increased risk for breast cancer. In the main, the majority of women who opt for HRT do so because it’s suggested the benefits outweigh the negatives. Again, it’s personal choice.

Many women aren’t prepared for menopause for one reason or another. When I posed this question during a recent discussion with a group of thirty somethings, I was a little shocked to hear that they didn’t think it was an issue just yet and they would deal with it when it happened. More so, an attitude of “I don’t want to think about it because I don’t want to feel old” prevailed. Food for thought.


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