Different useful and successful techniques for Skin and Prostate Cancer Treatment

Different useful and successful techniques for Skin and Prostate Cancer Treatment

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Skin cancer is very common type of disease which has affected a large number of populations in USA, Australia and UK. The main reason is high exposure of sun ray and ultraviolet ray which may create irritation in skin. According to a research, men and women with very fair skin tend to be affected from this ailment. The diagnosis of Skin melanoma cannot be recognized easily as malignancy occurs very slowly and the symptoms are very normal. But, biopsy test may easily detect the type and stage of tumor, and the type of cancer lump.


There are various causes of this cancer which have been described below:
* High exposure to the sunlight
* People with very fair skin have greater risk of skin malignancy
* People having a large number of moles on their skin tend to have high risk of melanoma
* High exposure to chemical elements like arsenic, tar, radiation and carcinogenic substances
* This ailment is hereditary also

Types of skin melanoma

Malignant cell

This is a very advanced stage of skin melanoma which can spread to other parts of body and must be cured with best technique. Detection at early stage and accurate treatment may help patient to live a normal life. It occurs when mole on the skin or any other skin forms malignant tumor. It can occur at any parts of the body but mostly it infects the leg, face, upper back and back parts.
Basal cell malignancy

It grows very slowly and generally not spread to other parts of body.

Skin cancer treatment

It is generally performed under experienced doctors. This is very effective in all types of skin melanoma disease. Whole tumor or infected area is removed with this method. Moh’s surgery is very effective for this ailment where layers of cancerous tissues are removed.


This is a radiation beam process in which x-ray is used to kill the infected cells. This has been successful for every type of cancer especially for advanced stage. It is advised to use with other treatments also like surgery and chemotherapy.


This method is based on drug techniques. The infected cells are treated with medication procedure which is carried out in several phases and generally advised to use before surgery or after the surgery for more effective results.


Normally basal cell carcinoma is treated with this method. It is a process in which liquid nitrogen is used on affected area. The liquid nitrogen is kept at low temperature to heal the cancerous cells. This is a fast way to kill the melanoma which is used for low risk cancerous cells.

About Prostate cancer

This is very dangerous ailment which has affected a large number of populations in this world. Mostly it has affected men population of USA, UK and Australia. It is found in prostate gland of male reproductive system.
Prostate cancer treatment

The treatment is based on the health condition of patient and the others factors also like the type and the stage of melanoma cells in gland.


In surgery whole prostate gland is removed to stop the growth of peculiar melanoma cells. It is performed when prostate gland stops responding to other effective therapies or techniques. Cryosurgey is also another effective technique in which prostate gland is frozen at very less temperature and a rod is inserted thorough perineum to treat the tumor.

Proton therapy

This is the most effective technique for Prostate cancer treatment in which fast moving proton particle is precisely executed on infected area to stop irregular cell division. It has been proved very effective technique in medical science for this disease.

Hormone therapy

There is male reproductive hormone called as testosterone which enhances growth of melanoma cells in prostate gland. It is used to block the hormone to shrink the growth of tumor.


Today, Cancer patients are seeking the best treatment procedure which can help them to lead a normal life. Many conventional procedures are effective but experts have to yet discover the most effective technique to fight against this frightful ailment.


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