Hobbies and interests

Hobbies and interests

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Hobbies and interests

I have a vast array of hobbies and interests but here is just some of what I have been interested in lately.  The list is always being added to!


I’ve always liked to fish and although sailboats don’t quite make a great venue to fish from, a sailing course was offered my last semester of college so I decided to take it to learn a new skill and step out of the classroom for three hours every Monday and Wednesday.  Best decision I have made in a while.  Although when the first day of class came along in February and the snow was falling and the water was a balmy 33 degrees Fahrenheit, I’ll admit I was a little nervous to go out on a boat that I had never actually skippered before.  You would think the experience would have been miserable but it was actually fantastic (aside from not being able to feel just about every extremity afterwards).  The experience really gave me an appreciation for how something so simple can be relaxing, thrilling and eye opening all at once.  Plus simply admiring how majestic the boats can be is a thrill in and of itself.  Our instructors last words to us were to never stop sailing and I think I’ll take his advice.


My degree program and past professional endeavors require me to keep a methodical, calculating and reasoning state of mind which I enjoy and excel at.  The other side of the technical analysis and fundamentals that are forever ingrained in my mind is the speculative “what if” side that needs to be let out every now and again.  Futurology is the postulation of future technologies, events and the like based on trends and speculations.  I am by no means a serious futurologist but I do of course like toying with ideas of what could or might become of the future and gives me room to flex my forecasting skills in another direction for a bit.  I think that this interest stems primarily from hearing what grandparents and grandparents grandparents thought the year 2000 was supposed to bring.  If they can have dreams and wild ideas, so can I!  Most of the time with this topic I spend thinking and postulating ideas in regards to space, travel, city planning and community development.  Where’s the fun in not teasing any wild ideas?

Music and Books

O.K. this is a given but recently I’ve had a shift in interest of styles of both music and books.  Although I still hold my favorite classic rock tunes and my favorite jam bands near and dear to my heart, of late I really love some good geek rock and 90′s rock, especially Cake (the band).  I’ve always had a spot for them in my collection but they’ve really taken the cake recently, to use a horrible pun if I can.  A genre that I’ve been very interested in recently also is electro-swing which marries the unlikely couple of 30′s and 40′s swing with electronic music as well as anyone ever could.  My absolute favorite example of the style would be Caravan Palace, from France.

In terms of books I’ve been hooked on Steampunk for a while now which features some great Victorian mechanical, industrial artwork and imagery that meshes together science fiction with nineteenth century industrialization so beautifully that you can’t help but want to live in the settings being described.  I also enjoy biographies, technical books and books on entrepreneurship and business, especially “Contagious” by Jonah Berger and “Antifragile” by Nassim Nicholas Taleb.


What a fantastic collaboration of science, creating something with your hands and enjoying time well spent with friends and family.  I became interested in this hobby because my father and uncle spent many hours and trials in pursuit of perfecting the craft.  I began working at it with friends and eventually took on a position at a craft brewery and distillery mainly to learn more about the ins and outs of the craft and the business and I loved every minute of it.  This really allows for as much creativity as cooking and can always be taken to a new level.  I feel if I kept at this my entire life I would never be an expert but I like that because that means there is always something to improve upon.

Cars and Bicycles

Here I have to give credit to Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond for really driving my interest in all things motoring.  The three aforementioned individuals are the hosts of the BBC’s show Top Gear and not only have they given me new perspective into the world of cars, trains, SUV’s, Lori’s and buses and everything in between but a whole new level of humor and investigation.  It’s not just a show about which car is the fastest in a straight line or which is the most flashy but there are some real genuine interesting and sometimes just plain out of the ordinary tests and challenges that truly make you think differently about consumer products (as well as luxury products).  The genius cinematography that accompanies the three’s antics is pure magic as well.

I’ve always been a bicycle enthusiast as well but the real joy for me lies in classic bikes.  In 60′s and 70′s banana seat Schwinn’s, Raleigh’s and Columbia’s.  Cruiser’s, Krate’s and Fastbacks.  I didn’t grow up in the period but for some reason the level of quality and intrigue the bikes hold has always gripped me in an unforgettable way.


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