An ngp exclusive! popular nintendo handheld unboxed by drew robbins

An ngp exclusive! popular nintendo handheld unboxed by drew robbins

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An ngp exclusive! popular nintendo handheld unboxed by drew robbins

Recent exploration of the internet’s twenty-thousand gamingblogs might have had you stumble upon a recurring theme:  unboxing videos.  The obvious question that you might havefound yourself struggling to come to grips with is; where is my flauntyunboxing video of the 3DS from New Game Plus? 

Well, we don’t have quite the same budget, or pull that asite such as Kotaku, Destructoid, or some of those other sites get.  What we do have, however, is something noneof those sites have:  a completelydifferent unboxing scenario.Recently delivered to me by my family is my handy-dandy timecapsule.  Born out of the mind of a 6thgrade wasteling it has become home to many a treasure over the years.  In fact, recent intel from undisclosedsources, who may or may not be my parents, says that a Gameboy Advance SPlies deep within the catacombs of this package.So, let’s get to the unboxing of this astonishingly oldGameboy Advance SP!  Unfortunately, ourbudget also has yet to accommodate digital camcorders, so this unboxing will bedone completely with images taken from my down-right awful cell phone camera.  Here it is, the beauty as it arrived.  Beautiful, hand-made magazine clippings give thebox a sleek, roughed up design not seen since the resilient refrigerator in IndianaJones 4.  The Four Swords Adventuresinspired design may be off-putting now, but let me assure you that little morecaptivated my mind at the time than swindling three other friends into buyingGBA connectors and taking down Ganon with me. Hoo boy!  A loadedpackage if there ever was one.  Contentspewing from corner to corner, I don’t even know where to get started!  In fact, I’m just going to blindly reach endand feel around for something that truly stands out among the extra features offeredalongside my Gameboy Advance.Now this is a film you can set your watch to!  I actually don’t remember a terrible amountof this movie, and am woefully confused as to why it worked its way into mypersonal movie collection.  Could we notfit the bill for Batman and Robin, the inarguable greatest movie in comic bookhistory?  The answers to my pressingquestions are anywhere but in this box, but what IS in the box is even moreexciting extras!This appears to be the only surviving member of the timecapsule’s original intent of preserving a 12 year old Drew in a box.  After reading through it I can think of a fewgood reasons why I went through the box and removed all traces of this pastpersona.  My favorite song was “Bring Meto Life,�? by Evanesence?  Was I justbegging to be beaten up?  Shrek 2 is onlyslightly forgivable for the fact that I still hold a high level of love for thegreen ogre, but had I been sifting through this box at the time of Shrek 3there would be some raging to do.  A receipt!  From alocal grocery store chain.  Actually,this is a pretty recent article.  Nowthat I think about it, I’m pretty sure this just flew out of my pocket and intothe box when I was yanking out my cell phone with the intensity one might useto whip out a gun in a dramatic moment. The receipt was for a carton of Oreos and a bag of Reeses Peanut ButterCups, also known as the kind of shopping list a six year old might fathom upwhen playing house.At long last, we’ve worked our way to the main course ofthis exceptional package.  The resilienceon display here is nothing short of remarkable. How this hasn’t ended up in every yard sale I’ve ever participated in isbeyond me.Open it up and be amazed at the fact that, yes, it is infact a machine you could play games on! The screen is a little dirty from the years of wear and tear, but mostof the buttons at least look like buttons, and that’s about all I’m willing toexamine into that situation.Feast your eyes on the amazing portable system that does notturn on when you shift the power switch! Years of wasting away in a box with no battery life is bad enough, butthe worst part is that the charger is nowhere in sight.  It was a fun ride down nostalgia lane, albeita failed attempt at reinvigorating my old handheld.  I suppose its time to take whatever gamecartridge is in here and salvage it as the last remaining piece of this timegone by.Oh….well….





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