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General « soma soapbox

Promoting in a social networking minefield…

By Juliette Keyte @ 2:04 pm

Social networking

It’s hard to imagine a world without a social networking site involved. Many a conversation regarding nightlife involve ‘Have you seen … event on…’ or ‘Have you put the photos online from last night?’, it’s even got to the stage where social network names are given out rather than phone numbers as a chat up line. And they say romance is dead.

When you look back, it is only within the last decade, or more specifically six years that social networking has taken over our lives. A phone call doesn’t cut it anymore; you have to be tagged, poked, invited, or more annoyingly asked to help someone with their imaginary farm.

What started off as one or two networking sites (I’ll come to the history in a bit), has now turned into a monster of more than 170 sites (if Wikipedia is to be believed), these range from the popular kids of Facebook, Twitter and MySpace, to the slightly more ‘alternative’ such as or, a knitting and crochet site, with a surprisingly high 330,000 members. There are also the more specific: (1.25 million members), blackplanet (20 million) and (100,000).
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How to annoy 10,000 people: threaten their nightlife…

By Juliette Keyte @ 5:36 pm

Over the past month a worrying trend has emerged within the nightlife industry, more specifically in London. Local government, police and property tycoons are seeking to shut down established, highly popular venues. The two particular examples I am referring to are the Ministry of Sound in Elephant and Castle, and Plastic People in Shoreditch.

Live Music Study

The Live Music Study is an analysis of customer and ticketing data gathered from across the UK live music industry, and is led by Chris Jenkins, CEO of Wittdo, as well as those at Dorset Music Forum. This is an ambitious task that has never before been achieved or even undertaken. Endless digging confirms that currently there is no complete, accurate, or reliable market data for the UK live music industry. Those in the best situation to estimate the total size of the industry must be PRS for Music, who collect the live performance royalties on behalf of the artists, and could thus calculate the total royalties received, which should represent approximately 3% of the total market size. However, this still omits any kind of insight into customer behaviour and demand trends.

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