Actos generic has the same risks with no recourse

Actos generic has the same risks with no recourse

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Actos generic has the same risks with no recourse

The pharmaceutical company Mylan announced that the FDA has approved a generic version of the oral anti-diabetes drug Actos, but there is a crucial fact of this release that people should know. While individuals with diabetes may be excited about the new lower cost alternative to Actos, they could be left without recourse if complications arise.

Both Actos and its generic form contain the drug pioglitazone, which has been known to cause bladder cancer. When the FDA issued a public safety alert in 2011 about Actos and bladder cancer risk, information suddenly appeared on the Warnings and Precautions section of medicines containing pioglitazone. However, the problems do not stop there.

The U.S. Supreme Court ruled that people cannot sue generic drug companies for failure to provide warnings about potential hazards. This means that while the generic alternative to Actos still holds the same risks of bladder cancer, people would not be able to hold Mylan Pharmaceuticals responsible in a lawsuit if these horrible side effects occur.

It is therefore extremely important that people are aware of this legal loophole when they make the decision to switch to a generic alternative. As with any drug, it is vital that individuals inform themselves about the potential complications involved with their medications and that they weigh the risks and rewards.

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