Spa Health Clubs, fitness and aerobic center

Spa Health Clubs, fitness and aerobic center

Spa Health Clubs, fitness and aerobic center

Fitness Programming


circuit training class provides exercisers with the benefit of a
cardio and resistance training program all in one. If you’re looking
for a quick and efficient work-out, this is it! Classes are either 30
or 45 minutes including the cool-down.

An instructor will lead you through a series of 8-12 stations of specially
designed equipment with each participant taking turns on a different
station. This class works well if you are just getting started in
fitness or if you are a regular exerciser who is looking for a change
in your work-out.



you haven’t joined the worldwide movement in group cycling classes,
you don’t know what you’re missing. Our clubs feature CycleReebok
trained and certified instructors who will guide you on the ride of
your life. We offer a variety of class times and lengths at all of our
club locations. No extra fees for our cycle classes.



Here’s the Craze that’s taking the fitness industry by storm! Our
successful launch of Kickbox Fitness began at the end of 1998 and
has become an instant, overnight success. Not to be mistaken for just
another “box-aerobics” class, Kickbox fitness is the real thing developed
in part by champion kickboxer John Maynard and his team of qualified
industry professional.

We provide gloves for participants, plenty of punching bags and Kickbox
Fitness certified instructors leading you. Our instructors have backgrounds
in martial arts, boxing or are recognized industry professionals and
are committed to teaching you proper form and technique. This class
is one challenging work-out but is geared towards the average person
having no prior boxing or martial arts experiences. Get ready to sweat!



We have seen a large movement in the industry towards alternative
classes such as Yoga that provide the exerciser with a way to heal
the body and mind from the daily stresses we incur. Our Yoga instructors
are highly trained professionals with years of experience in their
practice. Enjoy the benefits of improved balance, flexibility, and
range of motion as well as a time for you to de-stress yourself.

Spa Health Clubs also is a leader in water aerobics. Most of our clubs
have indoor heated pools where you’ll find our aerobic programming
to be invigorating. Call today to try a class for free.



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